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Couple Finds Love in Vi at La Jolla Village

“Being in a relationship at my age is like entering a whole new world. I’m living anthropology!” laughed Vi at La Jolla Village resident Sarah Crouch. And she should know; she’s always been fascinated by the subject. “I got my master’s in anthropology because to me it was by far the most interesting subject,” she said. So when asked about falling in love after her move to a Life Plan Community, Sarah has a unique perspective: “When we were born, the average life expectancy was 68. Everything is different now—and what a change it has brought about!” she smiled.

A Warm Welcome to Vi at La Jolla Village

As a newer resident, Sarah jumped at every chance to meet the neighbors in her senior living community. “The way people welcome you here is to invite you to dinner,” she shared, which is why she welcomed an invitation from fellow residents to join them for a meal in the one of the community restaurants. She just never imagined that dinner would lead to romance.

“There were six of us at the table, and Dick was to my right,” she explained. Dick is Dr. Richard Chalquest, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a fellow resident of Vi. Throughout dinner, the two enjoyed a natural conversation over their shared interests. “He walked out with me and said, ‘I hope to see you again.’ I said, ‘I’d like that.’ I kind of knew he would call me the next day,” she added.

The First Date

And she was right! Dick didn’t play it cool; he called the very next day and invited her to lunch, which prompted the inevitable first date problem: what should she wear? “I hadn’t had a date in over 50 years! I didn’t know if we’d be going to something fancy or McDonald’s, so I thought I’d better dress in between,” said Sarah.

What she didn’t know was that she didn’t need to worry about outfits at all. Dick was already quite charmed. “I was very impressed with her from the beginning,” he said. “She had grace and self-confidence. I just wanted to get to know her better.” Together they toured the city, Sarah’s new home, and he showed her the sights, from Humphrey’s by the Bay to the UCSC campus and the Geisel Library.

Love in La Jolla

That first date was just the first of many and, after a year of dating, they were ready to move in together. “At our age, we’re smarter, wiser and have to move quicker!” Sarah laughed. The happy couple’s neighbors and friends were thrilled for them. “When we moved in together, we got a lot of congratulatory calls from other residents,” Dick shared.

Now happily settled, the couple were willing to share the secret to their dating success as seniors. Sarah’s advice: “It’s the same advice I’d give a 20-year-old: be adaptable, don’t get panicky, and laugh a lot!” And they do.

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